Saturday, June 18, 2011

Immortal Wounds is an EBook!

     Immortal Wounds is now available on! The Kindle and Nook version should be available by Monday. : )  I'm so excited!
     I think It's Important to thank people. So please allow me to take a moment and give thanks to a very special person. My sister, Nicia Rotermund, not only helped me to convert my manuscript to a format acceptable for the e-readers—a tiring and daunting process, but she also built my beautiful website! Thank you to all who have been kind enough to comment on it. I will pass the praises on!
      Now, as for the printed version, I will pass the date of availability on as soon as I can. I'm planning somewhere around the third week of July if all goes well. Copies will be available immediately through
      —Nicole : )

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