Monday, June 20, 2011


     I feel like I've reached a milestone. I sent my file off to printing. With any luck, it will be perfect and I won't have to change a thing. Of course I realize this is only a dream, but hey, it's a pretty good dream! : )
     My daughter sent me an e-mail through my website informing me that I stink! Apparently there are people, herself included, that are waiting for my Zagrerus story. Those that are waiting (you know who you are) will be happy to hear that I've written a few more pages. I will put some brain power to it and try to have the 1st draft done by fall. That's a big try. Marketing Immortal Wounds is going to keep me pretty busy but I haven't forgotten about the story and I'm anxious to see what happens next!
—Nicole : )

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  1. Any progress is still progress! Keep your nose to the grind stone and before you know it you will be done!